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Balint Rounds

Navigating Our Relationships With Clients

March 10 | 7-8pm PST Virtual: Zoom Meeting

Led by DoveLewis’ Chief Medical Officer Shana O’Marra, DVM, DACVECC, and Jillian Romm, RN, LCSW, Credentialed Balint Leader

Taking time to understand your relationships with clients. Whether they are a long-term client or a new client in crisis, these meetings explore how to better understand provider-client communications and our experiences with each other. Using the Balint method, we are given a forum to reflect on the provider-client-patient relationship and gain new perceptions of our relationship with clients during difficult or demanding situations. All veterinary professionals with a client relationship are welcome.

In-clinic Education

CPR Staff Training

Virtual: Zoom Meeting

Led by DoveLewis’ Critical Care Specialist Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC

We’ll bring the training to you with a one hour, virtual CPR presentation. All positions within a clinic are encouraged to attend this virtual lecture. Ladan Mohammad-Zadeh, DVM, DACVECC, walks viewers through the basics of RECOVER CPR and covers instruction for all team members working together. This training is approved for 1 RACE CE credit, and is not a substitute for RECOVER Rescuer certification.

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Third Thursday Rounds

Taking Care of You

March 18 | 7:30-8:30pm PST Virtual: Zoom Meeting

Increased patient counts and wait times. Decreased staffing and patience. It’s likely every one of us in the veterinary industry has dealt with compounding stressors over the last year.

In this lecture presented by Human Resources Manager Cheryl Latta, we will discuss the inherent difficulties of putting our own needs first, in an industry that requires us to be the caregivers of others. We will explore ways to address difficult obstacles, and how to recognize our own needs to better care for ourselves.

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